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"TiO is one of the intermediate phases in the titanium - oxygen system with a crystal structure of the sodium chloride type. The phase extends from about 22 to 29 weight or about 46 to 55 atomic percent oxygen. A comprehensive survey of the physical properties of the phase has been made in previous investigations (see review of literature), but only impure titanium was available at that time. Therefore, some revision of the measurements had to be made. Also, neither the thermal expansion coefficients nor the temperature at which the lattice constants were measured were reported.

For precision determination of lattice parameters, the purity of the material to be used is extremely important. As TiO has a wide range of solid solubility, both with titanium and oxygen, it is very difficult to prepare a sample which has an exact TiO composition. So, about five samples of different composition within the range of the TiO phase were prepared and analyzed. The precise lattice parameter of each sample was determined by the x-ray asymmetric powder method at temperature intervals of ten degrees between about 16°C and 60°C.

This method allows one to determine:

(1) The thermal expansion coefficient: this is calculated from the lattice parameter - temperature plots, as the slope of the line, representing the linear expansion coefficients of the sample, can be easily determined.

(2) The lattice constants of the samples at 25°C: from the lattice constant - temperature plots, the constants at 25°C can be read.

(3) The effect of composition on the lattice parameter of the TiO phase: by plotting the lattice parameter of the samples at 25°C against their compositions.

( 4) The precise lattice parameter of pure TiO at 25°C: from the lattice parameter - composition plot the precise lattice parameter of TiO can be read.

Finally, determining the densities of the samples, using the method described by Aka, the soundness of the crystal lattice of TiO solid solution can be evaluated"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Straumanis, Martin E., 1898-1973


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Titanium alloys -- Thermal properties
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