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"Two types of sulfur equilibration experiments were carried out in this study using either a conventional thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) technique or a horizontal tube furnace apparatus. Samples were equilibrated with flowing SO2-O2 gas mixtures of either 58% SO2 or 10% SO2.

The types of experiments were:
1. Investigation of the extent of solid solution of sulfur in ZnO, NiO, CuO, and Fe2O3 over a wide range of temperature.
2. Studies of compound or solid solution formation between binary sulfate mixtures of Fe-Zn, Cu-Zn, Ni-Zn, Fe-Cr, and Cd-Zn by TGA.

The extent of solid solution of sulfur as sulfate ion for each system was expressed in terms of the sulfur solubility factor (Wt. % S)/PSO3.

The log of the sulfur solubility factor is equal to the following expressions:
10550/T - 8.595 (1220 K - 1373 K) for ZnO,
4804/T - 4.269 (1170 K - 1320 K) for NiO,
5641/T - 5.325 (1124 K - 1310 K) for CuO,
5461/T - 5.290 (1120 K - 1320 K) for Fe2O3.

There was no appreciable solid solution and/or compound formation indicated from any of the mixtures of two different sulfates investigated, except for ZnSO4-CdSO4, which exhibited compound formation"--Abstract, page ii.


Morris, Arthur E., 1935-

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Crimes, Peter B.
Lorey, G. Edwin


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


The author also wishes to extend his thanks to the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM) for their support of this work.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Fall 1984


vii, 65 pages

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