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"2. The purpose of this investigation. The substances obtained by corrosion of titanium in fused salts, if leached with water and dried, are composed of three kinds of products, namely of black, gray and yellowish ones. The black product was identified by X-ray diffraction as titanium-oxygen alloy with 9-10% by weight oxygen which later was used as coating material instead of the titanium sheet for deposition experiments described previously. The yellowish product was identified as rutile. The grayish product was also rutile but containing some titanium powder. Of these three products only the black one possessed the ability to deposit itself upon other metals, forming a titanium diffusion layer. The absolute amount of the corrosion products increased with time of beating and temperature. Since the thickness of titanium diffusion layers depends on the concentration of pyrosols, actually dispersions, in the fused salt the first aim of this research was to collect more information about these dispersions. Thus, the corrosion rates of titanium in fused salts in presence of other metal chlorides were studied in detail because it was suspected that some metal chlorides might increase these rates. The second aim was to investigate the effects on the formation of titanium coatings by precoating the base metal with other metals. Corrosion tests, to check the quality of the coatings were also made"--Introduction, pages 3-4.


Straumanis, Martin E., 1898-1973


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Titanium -- Corrosion
Corrosion and anti-corrosives
Fused salts -- Analysis

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