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"Today the ore being mined is low grade and the mineralization has become very complex. In order to concentrate a complex ore, the requirement of grinding the ore very fine is imposed. The process of flotation was developed to concentrate the finely ground ore particles; however, the finer size fractions of the ore still present a concentrating problem.

The fact has been established that the flotation rate which is the recovery that can be attained during a given time interval varies with particle size. The flotation rate increases with an increase in particle size until the maximum flotation rate is reached. Morris found the maximum flotation rate to occur in the size range of 50 to 60 microns for copper and pyrite. After the maximum flotation rate is reached, the flotation rate decreases with an increase in particle size.

The results of the investigation in which the impeller speed and air volume are varied indicates what effects these variables have on the flotation rate in regard to the particle size. Knowledge of these effects would be of great importance in determining the impeller speed and air volume necessary for each flotation cell in a bank of flotation cells in order to attain the maximum recovery. Impeller speed and volume of air are two important factors upon which the flotation rate of various sizes of particles depends.

The problem of measuring the flotation rate has been considered by many investigators and their methods of expressing the flotation rate have been varied. In order to compare flotation rates, it is more satisfactory to compare straight lines than exponential curves which result from plotting cumulative recovery versus cumulative flotation time from the results of a flotation test"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Morris, Thomas M.


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Flotation -- Mathematical models
Particle size determination
Iron Ores -- Metallurgy

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