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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle smasher with a goal of revealing what happened at the first few moments of the Big Bang on the quantum level. The idea is to discover new information and/or confirm our current understanding of how our universe works in a way that it will work on every scale, leading us to one unified theory that will tie together the existing theories (General relativity, quantum mechanics, Newtonian physics, etc.) Inspired by the data plots published by the physicists working the the LHC, the mixed media nature of this piece acts as a reminder of all the possible variables that must be taken into account when developing a unified theory of physics. When closely examined, all of the theories of physics and mathematics presented in this collection are represented.


Mixed media

2D Dimensions

6” x 6”


© 2017 Lindi Oyler, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Summer 2017 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

July 2017