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Three posters describing the S&T-Winthrop Exchange


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Artist’s Statement: The two sculptures are meant to be both stand alone pieces and, when put together, a whole piece to symbolize the two schools becoming one in the collaboration. Because the exchange was the first of hopefully many, the sapling represents new beginnings. As stated before, the color of the fruit represents the two schools: green and gold for Missouri S&T, and garnet and gold for Winthrop University. Both schools shared gold as a color, which served to tie the two sculptures together. The half with Missouri S&T colored fruit remains at Winthrop, and vice versa. Each sculpture has a branch extending into the negative space that is created when the other half is not present. When together, these branches interlock, creating the effect of one complete sculpture. Fluorescent glass incorporated into the mushrooms and roots acts as a segue into the discussion of material properties, in addition to symbolizing the main theme of the collaboration. The sculptures look completely different when the UV lights are turned on, just like how taking different approaches to problems can illuminate different solutions.


Mixed Media


© 2017 Chandlee Freudenberger, Parker Freudenberger, Mary Reidmeyer, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Summer 2017 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

July 2017