Student Art in the Library Spring 2017 Exhibition



The Girl


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The painting represents my first foray into colored portraiture using a digital medium, and represents, for me, a great step forward in my own artistic development. It therefore holds significance to me in that respect. It is a simple portrait of a young woman, set to contrast her pale skin with her dark hair. This contrast between light and dark is carried to the rest of the painting through the irregular gray background as well, while not carried into a unnatural level of contrast. The piece is meant to convey femininity through the softer, delicate features of the face.


Digital Painting

2D Dimensions

12" x 9"


© 2017 Darian H. Emmett, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Spring 2017 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

April 2017

Prize Awarded

Best of Show


Potrait, Face, Woman, Digital, Art, Person, People, Portraiture