Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibition



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This drawing was inspired by my family's 1936 John Deere Model A tractor. It has been in my family since my great-great-grandpa bought it new that year. The tractor symbolizes my family well. Even to this day, it still runs and we use it around the farm occasionally. Like the tractor, my family is still going strong, too. My family has been on that farm since the late 1800s and six generations later, we are still running strong. I made the frame this picture is displayed in from weathered barn wood also found on our farm. Like my family, this drawing is very meaningful to me and it holds a special place in my heart.



2D Dimensions

20" x 16"


© 2016 Haley M. Rehagen, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

November 2016