Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibition





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My name is Erika Simple. I enrolled in ART 1140: Painting I this 2016 Fall semester. My artwork was inspired by a class project.The purpose of this project was to design a color wheel. The design had to have three primary, three secondary, and six intermediate/tertiary colors. Also the design had to include areas for tints and shades of each color as well.

As I was designing my color wheel, I knew I did not want my design to be the shape of a circle. This project really made me think mathematically, creatively, and artistically. Originally, I tried to make my design a square, but as I was sketching and doing the math of the colors it just wasn't working. When I finally came up with a design and started painting, I realized that with the different shades and tints of each color it gave my painting a 3D look.

As I continue to work through this course, I will continue to show my style as an artist in my work. My style is working hard to develop paintings with lots of edges, lines, and angles, that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists from these types of designs.


Watercolor paint

2D Dimensions

9" x 12"


© 2016 Erika J. Simple, All rights reserved.

Exhibit Name

Student Art in the Library Fall 2016 Exhibit

Exhibit Date

November 2016