Discussions providing broad perspectives on grand challenges for our society

The complex challenges that we face as a society must be approached from a variety of perspectives in order to find innovative, sustainable, and ethical solutions. Understanding the origins, contexts, constraints, and consequences of issues from technical and social points of view is critical for successful outcomes. By examining pressing contemporary concerns from various disciplinary perspectives, this lecture series offers potential avenues for collaboration to address some of the great challenges facing science, technology, and society.

Missouri S&T faculty bring their expertise to discussions of these current events and answer questions from the audience. Topics to date include the Russian invasion of Ukraine, COVID-19, and the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

This discussion series enables us to provide a Rapid Response to Current Concerns.


Panel Discussions from 2022

Climate Issues: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion, Shane Ray Epting, Robin Verble, Wan Yang, and Shannon Lee Fogg
Streaming video available

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion, Andrew Behrendt, Michael C. Davis, Alanna Krolikowski, John C. McManus, and Shannon Lee Fogg
Streaming video available

Panel Discussions from 2021

The Psychological and Biological Impact of COVID-19: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion, Amber M. Henslee, David J. Westenberg, and Yang Wang
Streaming video available

U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan: An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion, Matthew Burmeister, Steven Corns, and John C. McManus
Streaming video available