Browse the contents of (2013) - Seventh International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering:

Keynote Address
Table of Contents and Conference Schedule
Dedication and Preface
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Cooperating Organizations and Exhibitors
Session 01: Application of Case Histories to Practice; Application of Case Histories in Education; Observational Method, Successes and Failures
Session 02: Case Histories of Unexpected Behavior and Failure of Shallow, Deep, and Other Foundations
Session 03: Case Histories on Failures and Remediation of Slopes, Dams, Embankments and Landfills
Session 04: Case Histories and Remediation of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering; Case Histories on Engineering Vibrations, Vibration Control for Underground and Surface Constructions with Specific Emphasis on the Urban Environment
Session 05: Case Histories of Geological, Rock and Mining Engineering
Session 08: Case Histories on Forensic Geotechnical Engineering, Where Things Went Wrong; Case Histories on Health Monitoring and Retrofit of Infrastructure
Case Histories Conferences
Symposium - Clyde N. Baker
Earthquake Conferences
Earthquake Lectures
Other Special (OSP) Presentations
Symposium - Ralph B. Peck
State Of The Art and Practice (SOAP) Lectures
Special Presentation Lectures
Luncheon to Honor Dr. Shamsher Prakash
Session 06: Case Histories on Soil Property Improvement; Case Histories on Geo-environmental Problems
Session 07: Case Histories on Application of Geotechnics to Railway Engineering and to Rail Track Modernization; Monitoring of Critical Geotechnical Constructions and Open Scale Excavation (Mining)
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