Alteration of Spent Fuel Matrix under Unsaturated Water Conditions


Drip tests which simulate the unsaturated conditions expected in the potential repository at Yucca Mountain are in progress to evaluate the long-term performance of spent fuel. This paper examines the corrosion behavior of the spent fuel matrix under conditions in which water is introduced at a rate of 1.5 mL every 7 days. Our recent results suggest a rapid reaction rate of the spent fuel matrix, the formation of alteration products that are similar to the sequence found in ore deposits in uranium mines, and the presence of colloidal species in the leachate. These results are compared to results from two models developed for a potential repository in an unsaturated zone

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6th Annual International Conference on High Level Radioactive Waste Management (1995: Apr. 30-May 5, Las Vegas, NV)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Colloids; Corrosion; Geological Repositories; Materials Testing; Saturation (Materials Composition); Uranium Dioxide; Spent Fuel Matrix; Unsaturated Water Conditions; Yucca Mountain Repository; Spent Fuels

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Apr 1995

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