Application and Development of Chemical-Based Conformance Control Treatments in China Oil Fields


With the growing need of producing oil and gas resources, the life extension of mature hydrocarbon reservoirs has become a real challenge for the coming decades. China represents the largest user of chemical-based conformance control treatments and a series of technologies have been successfully developed and deployed in recent years. A review covers the current status of the application and development of chemical-based conformance control treatments in China; types and development history of conformance control treatments; technology information for conformance control; theories and applications of some promising combination technologies of chemical based conformance treatment and other EOR/IOR processes, including the combination technology of surfactant and water shutoff, profile control and mini-type surfactant flooding, acid treatment and profile control treatment; representative agents (high molecular weight of polymer and their crosslinking systems, like hydroacrylimide); and problems and challenges that mature Chinese water flooded oilfields are facing.

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15th SPE-DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium: Old Reservoirs New Tricks A Global Perspective (2006: Apr. 22-26, Tulsa, OK)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Conformance Control; Permeability Streaks; Surfactant Flooding; Tracer Testing; Petroleum Reservoir Evaluation; Regional Planning; Surface Active Agents; Waste Treatment; Water; Oil Fields

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Apr 2006