Two-Phase Relative Permeability Prediction using a Linear Regression Model


In the absence of laboratory measured data or in the case when a more general representation of fluid flow in a reservoir is needed, empirical relative permeability correlations become useful. These correlations will also apply to simulation studies which require adjustments to the relative permeability values to account for grid effects. A linear regression model approach is employed to develop prediction equations for water-oil, gas-oil, gas-water, and gas-condensate relative permeability from experimental data. Use of the SPE CD-ROM has allowed a rapid and thorough data retrieval for this study; 416 sets of relative permeability data were obtained from published literature and various industry sources. Improved equations were developed for water-oil and gas-oil systems based on formation type and wettability. Additionally, general equations for gas-condensate and gas-water systems were formulated. Craig's rule for determining the rock wettability has been modified to cover a wider range of relative permeability data currently available. Available data has increased significantly since the last published work in this area. The prediction equations are compared with previously published correlations where possible.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Dec 2000

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