Evaluation of Fragments from Disc Cutting of Dry and Saturated Sandstone


Barla, G.


As the use of mechanical excavation in tunneling and mining activities expands, so has the use of disc cutters in various ground conditions. The impact of moisture content on rock behavior and rock excavation by disc cutters is examined in this study. This was done through a series of full-scale cutting tests using a 292 mm (11.5 in.) disc cutter in a moderate strength sandstone. The muck from the cutting tests was used to determine coarseness index (CI) and absolute size constant (x'). x'was calculated using Rosin-Rammler distribution (or Weibull) curve, a statistical technique to look at the fragmented rock products. This approach is very popular among the mineral-processing professionals for the evaluation of the particle sizes of the comminution products. x' and CI show a reasonable correlation with the specific energy of cutting and production rate. Both of these indicators were found to be dependent on the cut spacing and the interaction between the adjacent cuts, as anticipated. This paper explains the background information on this topic, reviews the laboratory testing, and offers analysis of the results of grain size distribution and its relationship with specific energy and cutting geometry. It should be noted that the experimental program was limited to only one rock type and additional testing on the other rock types is required to expand the results of the current study.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Absolute Size Constant; Coarseness Index; Disc Cutting; Mechanical Excavation; Muck; Rock Fragmentation; Rosin-Rammler Distribution; Specific Energy; Tunnel Boring; Cutting Machines (Mining); Cutting Tools; Grain Size And Shape; Grinding (Comminution); Rock Bursts; Rocks; Sandstone; Software Testing; Tunneling (Excavation); Weibull Distribution

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01 Sep 2013