Surveyor is a mobile highway data collection system designed to collect measurement data about objects, features, structures, and landmarks located along highways and roadways for highway planning, management, and maintenance. It creates classified inventories annotated with object dimensions, object position relative to the road, and global position reference. The mobile data collection part of the system consists of a high-speed multifunction vehicle with minimum complement of a right-of-way video system with a precisely calibrated high-resolution video camera, a distance-measuring instrument for spatial positioning, a gyroscopic geometries system, and an ultrasonic grade system for precise measurement of vehicle attitude. Data acquisition is facilitated by multiple on-board computers, and the right-of-way video uses a time code for synchronization to the geometric and position databases. The interactive (postprocessing) part of the system uses a workstation to retrieve and buffer the video for the user to identify targets by using point and click with a mouse, to classify them, and to request position or size measurements. The software can make measurements on multiple images by using triangulation or on single images by using the idealized plane of the highway as a reference.


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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Codes (symbols); Computer software; Computer workstations; Data acquisition; Highway administration; Highway planning; Mice (computer peripherals); Position measurement; Rights of way; Synchronization; Video cameras; Inventory data collection system; Roadway inventory data; Highway systems; Highway planning; Roads

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