Case Study on Preformed Particle Gel for In-Depth Fluid Diversion


The paper describes preformed particle gel (PPG) treatments for in-depth fluid diversion in four injection wells located in the north of Lamadian, Daqing oilfield, China. Lamadian is sandstone oilfield with thick net zones. The selected four injectors have 46 connected producers with average water cut of 95.4% before treatment. The paper reports the detailed information for the four well treatments, including well candidate selection criteria, PPG treatment optimization, real-time monitoring result during PPG injection and reservoir performance after treatment. In addition, a discussion is made to analyze why so large amount of large particles can be injected into the reservoir. Large volume of PPG suspension with concentrations of 2,000-2,500 mg/L and particle sizes of 0.06-3.0 mm was injected into each well and it took about 4 months to finish each injection. The injection volume ranges from 11,458 to 17,625 m 3 per well with a total of 56,269 m3 of PPG suspension (295,680 lbs of dried PPG) for the four wells. During PPG injection, the increase of the wellhead pressure was quite stable and no PPG was produced from adjacent producers. Recorded real-time monitoring Data about injection pressure and rate, PPG particle size change during PPG injection provide invaluable information to analysis the possibility of fracture/channel in the reservoir. The treatments resulted in an oil increase of 34.8 t/d and average water cut decrease of 0.94% within 10 months after treatments.

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16th SPE/DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium -- "IOR: Now More Than Ever" (2008: Apr. 19-23, Tulsa, OK)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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After treatments; Candidate selections; Case studies; Daqing oilfield; Fluid diversions; Injection pressures; Injection volumes; Injection wells; Large particles; Particle gels; Particle size changes; Real-time monitoring; Reservoir performances; Treatment optimizations; Water cuts; Well treatments; Wellhead pressures; Injection wells

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01 Apr 2008