WipFrag Image Based Granulometry System


Quick and accurate measurements of size distribution are essential to managing fragmented rock and other materials. WipFrag is an automated image based granulometry system that uses digital image analysis of rock photographs and video tape images to determine grain size distributions.

WipFrag images can be digitized from fixed video cameras in the field, or using roving camcorders. Photographic images can be digitized from slides, prints or negatives, using a desktop copy stand. Digital images in a variety of formats, delivered on disk or over electronic networks, can be used.

WipFrag uses powerful image analysis techniques to isolate the individual fragment boundaries. Edge detection is optimized by setting Edge Detection Variables (EDV). Manual editing can be used to improve the fidelity of edge detection.

WipFrag has the facilities for zoom-merge analysis, where the combined analysis of images taken at different scales of observation can be used to overcome the size limitations inherent with a single image. Alternatively, an empirical calibration mode is available.

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FRAGBLAST 5 Workshop on Measurement of Blast Fragmentation (1996: Aug. 23-24, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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24 Aug 1996

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