An Internet Based Intelligent Argumentation System for Collaborative Engineering Design

Xiaoqing Frank Liu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Samir Raorane
Man Zheng
Ming-Chuan Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Modern product design is a very complicated process which involves groups of designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customer representatives. Conflicts are unavoidable in collaboration among multiple stakeholders, who have different objectives, requirements, and priorities. Unfortunately, current web-based collaborative engineering design systems do not support collaborative conflict resolution. In this paper, we will develop an intelligent computational argumentation model to enable management of a large scale argumentation network, and resolution of conflicts based on argumentation from many participants. A web-based intelligent argumentation tool is developed as a part of a web-based collaborative engineering design system based on the above model to resolve conflicts over the internet by enabling selection of the most favored design alternative in the design argumentation from multiple perspectives in collaborative engineering design.