PSO Tuned Flatness Based Control of a Magnetic Levitation System

Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology
E. C. Anene

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Investigation on the application of flatness-based feedback linearization to the magnetic levitation model of INTECOTm Maglev system is presented in this paper. The MAGLEV system dynamics studied consists of a set of third order nonlinear differential equations. Using computational techniques proposed by Levine, it is verified that the ball position is the flat output. The derived flat output is applied in the construction of a nonlinear control law used to control the levitation to a set point as well as tracking a sine function trajectory. The controller gains are obtained and optimized using particle swarm optimization. The simulation results compared very well with the default PID control. Real-time and non real-time simulation using the MATLAB/ SIMULINK real workshop environment is presented.