Real-Time Implementation of an Intelligent Algorithm for Electric Ship Power System Reconfiguration

Pinaki Mitra
Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The naval electric ship is often subject to severe damages under battle conditions. The damages or faults might even affect the generators and as a result, critical loads might suffer from power deficiency which may lead to an eventual collapse of rest of the system. In order to serve the critical loads and maintain a proper power balance without excessive generation, the ship power system requires a fast reconfiguration of the remaining system under fault conditions. A fast intelligent algorithm using the Small Population based Particle Swarm Optimization (SPPSO) for dynamic reconfiguration of the available generators and loads when a fault in the ship power system is detected is presented in this paper. SPPSO is a variant of PSO which operates with fewer particles and a regeneration concept, where new potential solutions are generated every few iterations. This concept of regeneration makes the algorithm fast and enhances its exploration capability to a large extent. The strength of the proposed reconfiguration strategy is first illustrated with Matlab results and then with a real-time implementation on a real time digital simulator and a digital signal processor.