Single-Phase AC Impedance Modeling for Stability of Integrated Power Systems

Jing Huang
Keith Corzine, Missouri University of Science and Technology
M. Belkhayat

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To date, the only power system stability requirement that can be decomposed or quantitatively "flowed" down to component design requirements are impedance based. Impedance based requirements have been advanced for both dc and three-phase ac but none for single-phase ac interfaces. What are ultimately needed are universal stability requirements that are applicable to dc, single-phase ac, and three-phase ac interfaces as well as a measurement tool which can be used to enforce the requirements at all interfaces without changing the fundamental structure of the impedance measurement device. These advanced techniques should be applicable to all voltage levels currently in use by navy systems, including the anticipated 13.8 kV systems. This paper lays the groundwork for universal stability requirements by providing technical detail of the impedance analysis of the single-phase ac system. Model development and simulation of impedance extraction are presented.