Determination of Microwave Dielectric Properties of Materials Using a Unique Application of Embedded Modulated Scatterer Technique

Gabriel S. Freiburger
R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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The embedded modulated scatterer technique has been investigated in the past as a means of determining the dielectric properties of a material of interest using an open-ended rectangular waveguide and an embedded PIN diode-loaded dipole probe. This technique has been further explored in a unique application utilizing the complex ratio of dynamic reflection coefficients for the two states of the modulated dipole probe. By utilizing this ratio, the calculation of dielectric properties becomes independent of measurement parameters such as distance, orientation, and location of the dipole probe relative to the waveguide radiator. This paper explores this unique application of the embedded modulated scatterer technique and presents both theoretical and experimental results for evaluating complex dielectric properties of materials