Non-unity Active PFC Methods for Filter Size Optimization

Yongxiang Chen
Jonathan W. Kimball, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Philip T. Krein

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Active power factor correction seeks to obtain unity power factor and sinusoidal line currents. Optimized nonsinusoidal line currents reduce filter capacitor requirements with a nonunity target power factor. Implementation methods are presented that permit reduced power factor to be traded off against filter size in a nearly optimum manner. A simple waveform shape can reduce filter component size by about 40% in active PFC converters at the same level of complexity as in conventional PFC designs while yielding power factor as high as 0.9. Two approximate methods to generate appropriate shapes are presented. They offer direct practical implementation of nonunity power factor solutions and have been verified experimentally. Such solutions meet power quality standards and deliver acceptable power factor with reduced converter cost.