SeMi-Supervised Adaptive Resonance Theory (SMART2)

Christopher J. Merz, Missouri University of Science and Technology
William E. Bond, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Daniel C. St. Clair

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Adaptive resonance theory (ART) algorithms represent a class of neural network architectures which self-organize stable recognition categories in response to arbitrary sequences of input patterns. The authors discuss incorporation of supervision into one of these architectures, ART2. Results of numerical experiments indicate that this new semi-supervised version of ART2 (SMART2) outperformed ART for classification problems. The results and analysis of runs on several data sets by SMART2, ART2, and backpropagation are analyzed. The test accuracy of SMART2 was similar to that of backpropagation. However, SMART2 network structures are easier to interpret than the corresponding structures produced by backpropagation.