An Expert System to Convert Knowledge-Based Geological Engineering Systems into Fortran

Ralph W. Wilkerson, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Jill J. Cress

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A knowledge-based geographic information system (KBGIS) for geological engineering map (GEM) production was developed in GoldWorks, an expert system development shell. Using this shell, the geological engineer is able to develop a rule base for a particular application that results in a valid GEM. However, this implementation failed as a practical production system due to the excessive execution time required to produce a GEM. To solve this problem, a conversion expert system was developed which accepted, as input, a KBGIS and produced, as output, the equivalent Fortran code. Two major objectives are accomplished as a result of this system: GEN production time is dramatically reduced and the versatility of the KBGIS development environment is retained. The conversion expert system was tested by converting the Midwestern KBGIS expert system