Channel Electron Multiplier and Channelplate Efficiencies for Detecting Positive Ions

M. Krems
J. Zirbel
Mark Allan Thomason
Robert D. DuBois, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Absolute detection efficiencies for singly and multiply charged positive ions have been measured for a channelplate and for two different channel electron multipliers (CEM). The efficiencies were measured for impact energies between approximately 0.25 and 25 keV and for ion masses ranging from 14 to 132. The maximum efficiencies were found to be the same for all ions investigated and were approximately 58% for a channelplate and 89% for the CEMs. For a channelplate it is shown that the detection efficiencies for heavier ions scale to a single curve if plotted versus the impact energy divided by the square root of the ion mass. Data taken from the literature imply that lighter ions scale differently. Polynomial fitting parameters to the present efficiency curves are provided.