Operation of High-Voltage Transverse Shock Wave Ferromagnetic Generator in the Open Circuit and Charging Modes

Sergey I. Shkuratov
Evgueni F. Talantsev
Jason Baird, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Larry L. Altgilbers
Allen H. Stults
Stanislav V. Kolossenok

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Results of the investigation of the operation of explosive-driven high-voltage shock wave ferromagnetic generators (FMGs) in the open circuit and charging modes are presented. FMGs are based on the transverse (when the shock wave propagates across the magnetization vector M) shock demagnetization of Nd2Fe14B hard ferromagnetic energy-carrying elements of diameter 2.22 cm and length 2.54 cm (volume 8.5 cm3). In the charging mode the capacitance of capacitor banks compatt was varied from 18 to 36 nF. The energy transferred to the capacitor bank reached 0.38 J. FMGs provided pulsed powers of 35-45 kW in times ranging from 10 to 15 ýs. Computer codes were developed to digitally simulate the operation of the transverse FMG in the charging mode. experimental results that were obtained are in a good agreement with the results of digital simulations.