Measurement and Control of Torque Ripple-induced Frame Torsional Vibration in a Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Machine

Jason Neely
Steven D. Pekarek, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Daniel S. Stutts, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Philip Beccue

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A sensor to measure the stator torsional vibration due to torque ripple produced by a surface mount permanent magnet machine is first described. The sensor is relatively inexpensive and is straight forward to incorporate into a drive system. Experiments are performed to validate that the voltage produced by the sensor is linearly related to torque ripple amplitude. Closed-loop controllers are then described that adjust the stator current harmonics applied to the machine to achieve a commanded average torque while mitigating measured torsional vibration. Simulation and experimental results are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the control techniques.