A Single-Element Tuning Fork Piezoelectric Linear Actuator

J. Satonobu
K. Nakamura
S. Ueha
Daniel S. Stutts, Missouri University of Science and Technology
James R. Friend

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This paper describes the design of a piezoelectric tuning-fork, dual-mode motor. The motor uses a single multilayer piezoelectric element in combination with tuning fork and shearing motion to form an actuator using a single drive signal. Finite-element analysis was used in the design of the motor, and the process is described along with the selection of the device's materials and its performance. Swaging was used to mount the multilayer piezoelectric element within the stator. Prototypes of the 25-mm long bidirectional actuator achieved a maximum linear no-load speed of 16.5 cm/s, a maximum linear force of 1.86 N, and maximum efficiency of 18.9%.