Preparation of a ZrO₂-Al₂O₃ Nanocomposite by High-Pressure Sintering of Spray-Pyrolyzed Powders

Rajiv S. Mishra, Missouri University of Science and Technology
V. Jayaram
B. Majumdar
C. E. Lesher
A. K. Mukherjee

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ZrO2-Al2O3 powders were synthesized by spray pyrolysis. These powders were sintered at 1 GPa in the temperature range of 700Ç1100 ÉC. The microstructural evolution and densification are reported in this paper. The application of 1 GPa pressure lowers the crystallization temperature from ~850 to 700 ÉC. Similarly, the transformation temperature under 1 GPa pressure for <>g ê a Al2O3 reduces from ~1100 to 700Ç800 ÉC range, and that for t <>ê m ZrO2 reduces from ~1050 to 700Ç800 ÉC range. It was possible to ob-tain highly-dense nanocrystalline ZrO2-Al2O3 composite at temperatures as low as 700 ÉC. The effect of high pressure on nucleation and transformation of phases is discussed.