Flatness-Based Feedback Linearization of a Synchronous Machine Model with Static Excitation and Fast Turbine Valving

E. C. Anene
U. O. Aliyu
J. Levine
Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper focuses attention on the concept of flatness-based feedback linearization and its practical application to the design of an optimal transient controller for a synchronous machine. The feedback linearization scheme of interest requires the generation of a flat output from which the feedback control law can easily be designed. Thus the computation of the flat output for reduced order model of the synchronous machine with simplified turbine dynamics is hereby presented. The corresponding linearized compensator is derived as well as the nonlinear controller for transient stabilization of a synchronous machine subjected to large disturbances. The transient behavior of a single machine equipped with the so designed nonlinear controllers feeding an infinite bus is illustrated via simulation in Matlab environment. The results obtained for transient disturbances on the single machine infinite bus system (SMIBS) are presented and compared with other control algorithms to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.