Jitter Analysis of PWM Scheme in High Speed Serial Link

Rui Tang
Yong-Bin Kim
Minsu Choi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Fabrizio Lombardi

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This paper presents a jitter analysis method for PWM (pulse width modulation) scheme in high-speed serial links. The data rate of PWM with N different pulse widths (PWM-N) scheme is (log2N) x(symbol rate). However it increases the timing jitter of the transmitted signal. The timing jitter is determined by the pulse widths of PWM symbols and the characteristics of the communication channel. The analysis of the first-order systems and the second-order systems demonstrates that data dependent jitter (DDJ) strongly depends on the -3dB frequency and the damping ratio of the systems. The proposed jitter analysis method makes it possible to determine the pulse width of PWM symbols with the known characteristics of the channel.