External Parasitic Inductance in Microstrip and Stripline Geometries of Finite Size

Marina Koledintseva, Missouri University of Science and Technology
James L. Drewniak, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Thomas Van Doren, Missouri University of Science and Technology
David M. Hockanson

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An external parasitic ground (return) plane inductance, or a mutual inductance associated with fringing magnetic fields in planar transmission line structures, is the culprit of common-mode voltage (ground plane noise) that leads to parasitic radiation of the corresponding unintentional "antennas" in high-speed electronic equipment. Mutual inductance of this sort in microstrip and stripline structures is studied here using an analytical quasi-magnetostatic approach and FDTD modeling. Closed-form expressions for mutual inductance in symmetrical and asymmetrical microstrip and stripline structures are presented.