Microwave Noncontact Examination of Disbond and Thickness Variation in Stratified Composite Media

N. Qaddoumi
R. Zoughi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Sasan Bakhtiari
Stoyan I. Ganchev

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Numerical and experimental results of a microwave noncontact, nondestructive detection and evaluation of disbonds and thickness variations in stratified composite media are presented. The aperture admittance characteristics of a flange mounted rectangular waveguide radiating into a layered, generally lossy dielectric media backed or unbacked by a conducting sheet is modeled. The theoretical implementation is based on a Fourier transform boundary matching technique to construct the field components in each medium, coupled with a stationary form of the terminating aperture admittance of the waveguide. The model can serve as a reliable test bed for real-time examination of layered composite media. Experimental results for several cases are presented which show good agreement with the theoretical findings. This is a versatile technique for near-field in situ interrogation of stratified composite media which provides for high resolution measurements