Suitability of Pulse Train™, A Novel Digitally Implemented Real-Time Control Technique, for BIFRED Converter

Mehdi Ferdowsi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
M. Telefus
A. Shteynberg
Ali Emadi

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Pulse Train™, a new control scheme, is presented and applied to a BIFRED converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), which avoids the light-load high-voltage stress problem. In contrast to the conventional control techniques, the principal idea of Pulse Train is to regulate the output voltage using a series of high and low energy pulses generated by the current of the inductor. In this paper, applicability of the proposed technique to both the input and magnetizing inductances of BIFRED converter is investigated. Analysis of BIFRED converter operating in DCM as well as the output voltage ripple estimation is given. Experimental results on a prototype converter are also presented.