The Steady State Characteristics of a StatCom with Energy Storage

Zhiping Yang
Chen Shen
Lingli Zhang
Mariesa Crow, Missouri University of Science and Technology


The integration of energy storage systems (ESS) such as batteries, SMES, super-capacitors, or flywheels, into a FACTS device can expand the functionality of the FACTS device.The expanded functionality can potentially lead to a more economical and flexible transmission controller. In this paper, the authors compare the steady state characteristics of the traditional StatCom to an integrated StatCom/ESS. Two operational characteristic curves (voltage and power) are developed. From the characteristic curves, the advantages of the integrated StatCom/ESS over the traditional StatCom are presented. The steady state model used in this paper is derived directly from the dynamic model of the StatCom, so the power-electronic-induced high frequency effects are included in the analysis.