Computational Enhancement of Genetic Algorithm Via Control Device Pre-Selection Mechanism for Power System Reactive Power/Voltage Control

G. Krost
Ganesh K. Venayagamoorthy, Missouri University of Science and Technology
G. A. Bakare
U. O. Aliyu

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In this paper, the application of a novel and computationally enhances genetic algorithm (GA) for solving the reactive power dispatch problem is presented. In order to attain a significant reduction in the computational time of GA, a systematic procedure of reactive power control device pre-selection mechanism is herein proposed to choose a-priori subsets of the available control devices, which maximally influence buses experiencing voltage limit violations. The GA reactive power dispatch module then accesses such judiciously pre-selected control device candidates to determine their optimal settings. A pragmatic scheme aimed at further curtailing the number of the final control actions entertained is also set forth. The far-reaching simulation results obtained for two case study scenarios using the proposed algorithmic procedures on a German utility network of Duisburg, replicated on an operator-training simulator, are presented and fully discussed in depth.