Further Results on Frequency-Domain Channel Equalization for Single Carrier Underwater Acoustic Communications

Y. Rosa Zheng, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Chengshan Xiao, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Xin Liu, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Wen-Bin Yang
T. C. Yang

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A frequency-domain channel equalization and phase correction method was proposed in a previous work published in Oceans'07 conference, in which 10^-4 BER performance was presented for fixed-to-fixed source/receiver channels. The method is improved by using minimum mean square error (MMSE) estimation in channel updates rather than least squares estimation. It is applied to moving-to-fixed channels in the AUVFest'07 ocean experiment where single-carrier wideband transmission was employed with quadrature phase shift keying modulation. The moving source channels exhibit higher Doppler shift and larger Doppler drift than the fixed-to-fixed channels. Therefore, the number of symbols required for initial phase estimation is increased from 2 to 8 symbols when the group- wise phase correction algorithm is applied to the moving sources. Thirty-six packets with data block length of 512 symbols have been processed and 34 of them achieved an uncoded Bit Error Rate (BER) lower than 10-2. The overall uncoded BER performance of all 36 packets is 1.81 times 10^-3 which is slightly higher than that of the fixed-to-fixed channels.