Cost-Driven Repair of a Nanowire Crossbar Architecture

Yadunandana Yellambalase
Shanrui Zhang
Minsu Choi, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Nohpill Park
Fabrizio Lombardi

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The recent development of nanoscale materials and assembly techniques has resulting in the manufacturing of high-density computational systems. These systems consist of nanometer-scale elements and are likely to have many manufacturing imperfections (defects); thus, defect-tolerance is considered as one of the most some algorithms for repairing defective crosspoints in a nanoscale crossbar architecture; furthermore we estimate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each algorithm. Also, for a given design and manufacturing environment, we propose a cost-driven method to find a balanced solution by which figures of merit such as area, repair time and reconfiguration cost can be taken into account. Probabilistic parameters are utilized in the proposed cost-driven method for added flexibility.