A Discrete-Time Model for Spatio-Temporally Correlated MIMO WSSUS Multipath Channels

Chengshan Xiao, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Jingxian Wu
Sang-Yick Leong
Y. Rosa Zheng, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Khaled Ben Letaief

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In this paper, a statistical discrete-time model is proposed for simulating wideband MIMO channels which experience spatially and temporally correlated, widesense stationary uncorrelated scattering (WSSUS) multipath Rayleigh fading. A new method is also presented to efficiently generate the correlated MIMO channel coefficients, which can be used for accurate simulation of physical continuous-time MIMO channel. The statistic accuracy of the discrete-time MIMO channel model is rigorously verified through theoretical analysis and extensive simulations in different criteria.