Doubly Differential Multiple Ionization of Krypton by Positron and Electron Impact

Kay Dubois
Antonio C. Santos, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Ahmad Hasan, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Measurements of doubly differential single and multiple ionization of krypton atoms have been performed for 750 eV positron and electron impact. Data were measured as a function of projectile energy-loss and scattering angle. For electrons, the energy-loss range was 0-85% of the initial projectile energy and scattering angles were between ±22°. Following the procedure adopted previously for argon, the electron impact data were placed on an absolute scale by normalizing to total ionization cross sections available in the literature. The present results for krypton show differences between positron and electron impact that are less pronounced than was found for argon. The difference between the two targets can be understood due to the role of inner-shell ionization