Network-Centric First Responder Architecture with Swarming Robots Entity

Lakshmanan Meyyappan
Cihan H. Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper proposes a new network centric architecture that can be used by first responders to effectively respond to crisis situations. The powerful network-centric concept originally developed for and mainly used in the military environment, can be effectively used for civilian security and emergency response missions. This paper also proposes the use of a swarm of intelligent robots as a part of the network-centric architecture to aid the first responders. The swarm of robots works in tandem with the first responders and provides them with the necessary information on a real time basis. The proposed network centric architecture with a swarming robot entity is explained in detail using C4ISR framework. The proposed architecture if implemented successfully will result in solving crisis situations, may it be natural calamity or terrorist attacks, more efficiently and effectively.