Web Personalization using Neuro-Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms

Kartik Menon
Cihan H. Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Different users have different needs from the same web page and hence it is necessary to develop a system which understands the needs and demands of the users. Web server logs have abundant information about the nature of users accessing it. In this paper we discussed how to mine these web server logs for a given period of time using unsupervised and competitive learning algorithm like Kohonen''s self organizing maps (SOM) and interpreting those results using Unified distance Matrix (U-matrix). These algorithms help us in efficiently clustering users based on similar web access patterns and each cluster having users with similar browsing patterns. These clusters are useful in web personalization so that it communicates better with its users and also in web traffic analysis for predicting web traffic at a given period of time.