Growth and Magnetic Properties of MnO₂-δ Nanowire Microspheres

Jinbo Yang
X.-D. Zhou, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Satish K. Malik
C. S. Wang
William Joseph James, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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We report the synthesis of MnO2-delta microspheres using hydrothermal and conventional chemical reaction methods. The microspheres of MnO2-delta consist of nanowires having a diameter of 20-50 nm and a length of 2-8 µm. The value of oxygen vacancy delta estimated from x-ray photoelectron spectrum is 0.3. The magnetization versus temperature curve indicates a magnetic transition at about 13 K. It is found that a parasitic ferromagnetic component is imposed on the antiferromagnetic structure of MnO2-delta, which might result from distortion of the lattice structure due to oxygen vacancies. The magnetic transition temperature TN is about 10 K lower than that of the bulk MnO2 single crystal.