Integration of CSAB and ABET

Lee W. Saperstein, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Kenneth Martin
Doris K. Lidtke

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The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) and the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB) signed a Memorandum of Agreement in November 1998 to integrate CSAB''s accreditation services with ABET, with a transition time of approximately two years. During the interim period, the operations of the Computer Science Accreditation Commission (CSAC) are contracted by CSAB to ABET. A committee with CSAC, CSAB, and ABET representation is working to set up the new commission for accrediting programs in the computing sciences. This new commission will probably be called the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC). Other activities are underway to try to assure that this integration goes as smoothly as possible. This paper discusses from various points of view the current status of the integration and plans for the completion of the integration.