A Kinematically Intelligent Blackboard for Computer Aided Instruction

J. Keith Nisbett, Missouri University of Science and Technology
D. Watkins
Clark R. Barker, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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A CAI (computer-aided instruction) package is being developed to be used as a classroom tool for the instruction of undergraduate mechanical engineering students in an introductory kinematics of mechanisms course. This graphical environment allows the instructor to emulate on the projected graphics screen everything that is currently done on the blackboard for planar mechansims. Unlike the blackboard, the software will have the intelligence to interpret the drawings in a kinematic sense so that the drawing of the linkage will behave as a linkage. The software environment involves three principal components: (1) a sketching method for defining the linkage, (2) the "kinematic intelligence" to interpret the sketch and animate the linkage, and (3) the ability to develop and demonstrate kinematic concepts