Improvements in Steel Melting Efficiency - Industrial Trials

Kent D. Peaslee, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Semen Naumovich Lekakh, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Edith Martinez

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Industrial trials were completed to improve energy efficiency in steel melting. First, the benefits of increased chemical energy from an oxyfuel burner and a Co-Jet system in a basic 20 ton electric arc furnace (EAF) were studied. Observations and measurements were made during production before and after the installation of the two systems. The additional chemical energy improved energy efficiency and resulted in increased production. In addition, production using a basic EAF practice was compared to the traditional acid EAF practice. Second, an industrial trial using a 750 lb ladle with a combination of a lightweight alumina castable refractory and a insulating board was compared to a standard alumina castable ladle. The new material also showed a potential for significant energy savings.