Collaborative Distance Education in Power Engineering

Anil Pahwa
Shelli K. Starrett
Kraig J. Olejniczak
S. D. Sudhoff
Mariesa Crow, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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This paper presents a perspective on offering "shared-courses," or courses simultaneously offered at two or more universities via various distance educational frameworks. Over a three year duration, two senior/graduate level courses were jointly developed and offered to the students at the University of Missouri--Rolla, the University of Arkansas, Kansas State University, and Purdue University. This paper discusses the various distance educational technologies including two-way audio/visual via ISDN line, video-tapes, and web-based conferencing. Both instructor and student reactions to these mediums are included. Pedagogical methods appropriate for these mediums are outlined. The paper concludes with recommendations and strategies for engineering institutions who would like to "course-share" with other universities and industry.