Correlation of Wettability and Interfacial Reaction to the Densification and Dielectric Properties of Fluxed-BaTiO₃

Sea-Fue Wang
Wayne Huebner, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Joseph P. Dougherty

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Reducing the sintering temperature of BaTiO3 has typically been achieved through the use of a fluxing agent to promote densification by liquid phase sintering. Liquid phase formation in these systems is due either to the melting of the flux or to the formation of a eutectic liquid between the flux and BaTiO3. In this paper, the correlation between the wettability and interfacial reactions between fluxes and BaTiO3 with respect to the densification behavior associated with liquid phase sintering, and the resulting dielectric properties is presented. Fluxes used in this study include 5ZnO*2B2O3, 5CdO*2SiO2, Pb5Ge3O11, CuO*TiO2, 3Bi2O3*B2O3, and LiF.